About Jace Studio

A Westwood salon that’s both genuine and professional.


Jace Studios is high-end treatment with a casual feel. It’s reasonably priced hairdressing with adept stylists. The balance of our haircutting acumen with our easy-going attitude will strike you immediately. The moment you take a seat on our salon chairs, you’ll know your hair is in good hands.


Each client has distinct and singular needs for their hair. From long to short, thick to thin, and spring-like coils to wavy to straight, no type of hair is beyond our expertise. We view clients’ necessities on a person-to-person basis: no generalizing, no assumptions, and no cutting corners to speed you out of our West LA hair salon. To avoid any discrepancies during your haircut, we emphasize an honest and open dialogue throughout your entire stay. Your instructions are carried out exactly and our skilled staff knows how to adjust their craft to meet your wishes. The diverse array of services we offer (including coloring and highlighting, conditioning, blow drying, extensions, digital perms) will be customized to create a hairstyle that matches your look.


We treat our clients in a professional manner while also adding our signature flavor of a laid-back, environment. We take the feeling of the sophisticated celebrity salons and combine it with a down-to-Earth mentality for the perfect mix of classiness and coziness. When clients come through our door, we encourage them to breathe easy and take a load off. We want you to feel at home with us.