One of the biggest contributors to hair damage is a lack of collagen protein. During a hair appointment at our studio, we aim to strengthen your roots and make the length of your hair as healthy as can be. To avoid potential hair damage as much as possible, we use only collagen-based Zen Care products that are 100% organic and made in an environmentally friendly fashion. Zen Care distributes all over the world, but the company maintains a sense of personal pride and craftsmanship in their work while still delivering a highly advanced product. So when you’re with us, you’ll enjoy the wholesome benefits of proper hair care with a top of the line brand. See below the types of services we offer; all of them paired with Zen Care.


Women’s haircut

At any age, women want to stun with their haircut and hairstyle. It’s a statement you make about your look and personality. We’ll help you with the statement you’re looking to make. Your hair is your best accessory. We’ll ensure it’s always your best.


Men’s haircut

Men, no matter the length of your hair, we know you want to maintain your masculinity. Anything from a top-knot to a hard-part, from a buzz cut to trimming split ends, we’ll get the look and feel you want.


Children’s haircut

We’ve heard the stories of stylists cutting bangs incredibly crooked and short, taking too much off the top, or simply botching the cut in some other way just before school picture day. We can handle kids of any age and deliver a hairstyle that’ll make you and your kid smile.


Blow dry

Whether it’s after a cut, or you’re heading to a special event, or having a bad hair day, let us bring your hair to its full volume and shine with a bounciness and smoothness you’ll love! Any hairstyle you decide to wear will look noticeably better when done in line with a proper blow dry.


Single process color

No matter if you’re looking to reapply your current base color or are still trying to decide what will look best, we can help bring color to your hair that’ll make your lush locks pop! A single process color is smart for anyone that wants to completely jump ship from their current look.



Layered highlights can bring a more voluptuous look and add more dimensions to your hair. With light, medium, and dark hues, any hairstyle you rock will be that much sharper. The right highlights will frame your face and complement your skin tone. We can do that for you.


Conditioning treatments

Make your hair healthier, softer, and easy to manage with our conditioning treatments. The deep cleansing capabilities of our conditioning treatments leave your hair in immaculate shape. Have this done in conjunction with any other service offered.



Celebrities aren’t the only ones with extensions. They’re a quick remedy for a look you couldn’t attain in any short amount of time. Strand by strand, we’ll weave in the extensions to achieve a natural feel. Instead of waiting indefinitely for your hair to grow a certain length, get the hairstyle you want now.


Digital Perms

Traditional perms are outdated. In comparison to traditional perms, digital perms create lengthier, bouncier waves in your hair and often leave your hair feeling shinier and more relaxed. A digital perm will add flair and liven up any hairstyle.